Adobe Releases Video Describing Flash Player Vulnerability

Posted on April 1, 2008 by Tony Fendall.
Categories: Adobe, Bugs/Fixes, Flash Player.

Update 02-04-08: This was an April Fools prank.
Sorry everyone!

bug[17] By now most people have probably heard the news of a significant security flaw discovered in the Adobe Flash Player.  The vulnerability was discovered during the CanSecWest security conference, where Shane Macaulay used the flaw to hack into a laptop running Vista SP1and execute arbitrary code.

Part of the terms of the conference was that the details of the vulnerability would not be disclosed until Adobe had a chance to patch them, so we were all left to speculate based on the far reaching security updates coming to the Flash Player in April.

That is, until now!  Adobe has now released this video, where some key details of the exploit are explained. Check it out!

No Flash for the iPhone

Posted on March 6, 2008 by Tony Fendall.
Categories: Adobe, Flash Player, Technology.

iPhone sadCNN have reported that Steve Jobs has come out saying Adobe Flash is simply not good enough for the iPhone.  Jobs claimed that the current version of the flash player performs too slowly on the iPhone hardware, and the flash light player is too under featured.

If I’m honest, I’ve known this for a long time. Ryan Stewart saying that no one at Adobe knew anything was a dead give away, because it would be nearly impossible for Apple to build a new flash player plugin without Adobe’s help.  It still makes me sad though…

I have an old 600 MHz Celleron sitting around at home, and it can run the flash player just fine.  Maybe it’s a RAM issue, but you would expect the 600 MHz iPhone to not have too much trouble rendering flash content.  Is anyone able to speculate as to why it would run too slow?


FlashPaper Sizing Problem – Revisited

Posted on November 8, 2007 by Tony Fendall.
Categories: Adobe, Bugs/Fixes, Components, Flash Player, Flex.

imagesA few weeks ago I wrote about a solution I had found for making flash paper assets behave correctly inside Flex applications.  I have been using this solution within my current Flex project, and it works quite well in simple cases.  In some more complex cases it simply didn’t work however, and I spent a lot of time tacking down the solution.

The problem can occur when you manipulate the FlashPaperLoader component at runtime (e.g. resize and/or change source).  Often when things are changing, the FlashPaperLoader swf isn’t initialized and ready to receive the calls through external interface.  This means it can’t relay the sizing instructions to the FlashPaper.


FlashPaper Sizing Problem – Solution Found

Posted on October 1, 2007 by Tony Fendall.
Categories: Adobe, Bugs/Fixes, Flash Player, Flex.

FlashPaperAnyone who has ever tried to load a FlashPaper document within a Flex application knows that it’s not as simple as one would hope. I was struggling to make my application appear correctly for several days before I came across the solution, and I hope by posting it here that more people will be able to find it too.


Flash Player 9 – 2,320,000,000 installs!

Posted on July 30, 2007 by Tony Fendall.
Categories: Adobe, Flash Player.

Ted Patrik announced this weekend that Flash Player 9 has had 2.32 Billion installations. On average there are 5-6 Million successful installations per day. Congratulations to Adobe for continuing to grow such a fantastic platform!

The bottom line: Everyone has the flash player!